Friday, April 27, 2012

All of Romney's Money Can't Buy Him Some Charisma

I guess it really goes without saying but Mitt Romney is NOT Cool Like That. Obama definitely is. Even most Republicans cannot and would not pretend to dispute this fact.

It's like going back in time via some sort of Mad Men-esque Time Warp with a smackdown between Ward Cleaver and Sidney Poitier, and we know who would win that fight hands down! The way Romney sounds so stiff and uptight, maybe it's more like Howard Sprague versus The Fonz. Too bad Ann can't knit him a magical charisma necktie.

Thanks to Political Carnival for the video links.

LOL - this one is priceless!!! :) Obama with cheering students, Romney with snoring students. I love Romney's speech about office supplies - he's like every boring office manager you ever met - and his remarks about Obama sound like Greek-Column-Envy.

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