Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ed Marksberry Hopes to #DitchMitch McConnell in 2014 Kentucky Senate Race

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Here's a great video by Ed Marksberry, who is running in the Democratic Primary in Kentucky and hoping to "Ditch Mitch" McConnell from the Senate in 2014.

Catchy song with great lyrics written by Marksberry himself! I like him! :)

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Via Hillbilly Report
For Immediate Release
April 18, 2013
Lela Graham

Marksberry for Senate Releases “What About Us”

The Marksberry for Senate campaign has released a song, “What about Us” which was written and performed by Democratic Senate candidate, Ed Marksberry and will be the theme of the Senate race against Mitch McConnell. On top of being a small businessman, veteran and community activist we can add singer and songwriter to Ed's resume.

Ed Marksberry is running a campaign that is about the hard working people that have been forgotten by their current representation in Washington. The song is about all those who have been left behind.

Ed’s campaign is proving to be a fresh new style that will not only resonate with the hard working people of Kentucky but will give them a candidate that is not a career politician corrupted by the influence of money.

You can find the song on

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