Sunday, December 1, 2013

Snark in Pictures - Thanksgiving, Pope Francis, Filibusters and Obamacare

 photo Wal-Mart-Donations.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers!

 photo bce5c9f6-ac9d-47d9-97b8-0d4fddfed4a2.jpg

 photo Cheney-Family-Thanksgiving.jpg

 photo 5f4c52e4-f08c-4214-8da2-85be115676a5.jpg

 photo BZ3lwCdCUAAbywV.jpg

 photo BZtq6NHCQAAA75F.jpg

 photo b675f0ad-04d3-41b6-850f-f36ea3116e47.jpg

 photo BaaGu5oCUAAKmHD.jpg

 photo BaVAjgdCYAERYtb.jpg

 photo BaVMH6WCYAAf18P.jpg

 photo Stossel.png

 photo BaaAxqYCQAAtt_k.jpg

 photo Obamacare-Loading.jpg

 photo Obamacare-Down.jpg

 photo proxy-1.jpg


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  2. If you can't afford healthcare you have no business having 5 kids. So the rest of us are supposed to pay for your Healthcare as well as your kids no doubt. Why should your irresponsible behavior be a burden on the taxpayers.