Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Supreme Court Has no Cred with the Public


All day I've been referring to the Supreme Court as "The Supremes," which is probably irritating my daughter, who is in Law School. But in a way, these illustrious judges have become no different from any other narcissistic celebrities with delusions of grandeur. Appointed for life with all the benefits, and treated like royalty by the Washington elite, they answer to no one but themselves. Too bad they only talk and pontificate instead of sing and dance.

Do I sound cynical? Maybe it's because I remember all too well the Bush v. Gore decision which gave the election to George W. Bush even though later it was discovered that Gore won the popular vote. Before the 2000 election, I had faith that the Supremes were truly above politics, and that they would let the recount proceed in Florida because it was the American Way. Before Citizens United decided that "Corporations are People" we could placate ourselves that at least they recognized the basic rights of human beings to run their own country instead of big business. But I don't see them as infallible Gods of Law anymore, and no one should. Yes, even now with a natural split they sometimes write a nearly unanimous decision. But they won't be remembered for that. In fact, whatever they decide in this case about Obama's Affordable Care Act, that's what people will remember. When the verdict is handed down from Mt. Olympus sometime in June, one side or the other will damn the Supremes and take to the streets.

 Rachel Maddow had a great recap of all that Supreme Court history tonight. Watch it Here She brought up the following poll showing that the American Public is skeptical that the High Court will be fair and untainted by partisan politics. People expect the Republicans on the Court to side with...the Republicans and against President Obama. That's okay. I'm glad we know. This could get us one step closer to Medicare for everyone or Single Payer like the rest of the civilized world.
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