Sunday, February 10, 2013

People of Newtown Speak Out ~ "Should Teachers Carry Guns? I Would Quit Tomorrow"


Newtown Parents, Teachers and First Responders Speak Out:

From Mother Jones:
Testimonials, in order of appearance in the compilation:
Nicole and Ian Hockley, parents of Sandy Hook victim Dylan Hockley
David Wheeler, father of Sandy Hook victim Benjamin Wheeler
Peter Paradis, stepfather of Sandy Hook teacher's aide and victim Rachel D'Avino
Neil Heslin, father of Sandy Hook victim Jesse Lewis
Scarlett Lewis, mother of Sandy Hook victim Jesse Lewis
Susan Ehrens, mother of Sandy Hook survivor Emma Ehrens
Dan O'Donnell, Sandy Hook parent
Laurie Veillette, volunteer EMT for Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps
Douglas Fuchs, police chief of Redding, Connecticut
Mary Ann Jacob, library clerk at Sandy Hook
Dr. William Begg, emergency room physician at Danbury Hospital and Newtown resident
Tom Swetts, teacher at Newtown High School
Darren Wagner, former police officer and father of a Newtown High School student

In the following video, Piers Morgan tries out various assault weapons described as "Spray and Pray" because the shooter points the gun, pulls the trigger, and prays he hits the target - which even the inexperienced Morgan can do because of the repeater effect of the rifles. The shooting range guy mentions he is afraid of the UN and the Military coming to grab his guns. He justifies assault weapons for killing wild hogs in Texas, missing the irony that the children of Newtown were shot down like animals. The stupidity and ignorance is really getting me down. It's shocking. We have to fight this.

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