Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shepard Smith: Republicans on the "Wrong Side of History" About Gay Marriage


This is fantastic - Shep Smith is the one smart guy on the Fox News payroll and he isn't afraid to speak the truth and say that President Obama is on the correct side of history in his stance on gay marriage, while the Republicans refuse to "evolve."

And a little truth goes a long way when there is so much nonsense spouted about LGTB issues on the Right among people who actually know better. Watch the clip below from Hardball and you'll see what I mean - a Republican Romney tool saying that if parents just did all the right things such as reading the Bible to their kids, then they would never have a homosexual child. Funny thing - I bet almost everyone in the U.S. has known a preacher or deacon or Sunday School teacher with a gay child. And where do all those gay priests come from if their families indoctrinate them in religion from an early age? Answer: *crickets chirping*. There is no answer because sexual orientation is involuntary, not a choice. Unbelievable.


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