Monday, June 4, 2012

Polls Badgering Barrett One Day Before Wisconsin Recall


Tomorrow Wisconsin votes in the Recall Election of union busting Governor Scott Walker. Right now the polls show it is neck and neck between Walker and his Democratic opponent, Tom Barrett, with Walker pulling slightly ahead, unfortunately for beleaguered Badgers. There's all kinds of news coming out of the state, and it's hard to know what to believe at this point. Rumors of Federal Indictments, a Love Child(!), shoes dropping at the last minute - you name it, I've read it in the past week.

I even saw a blog pushing Scott Walker as a possible running mate for Mitt Romney - forbid it God Almighty!!!

I wish all the Wisconsin Democrats the Best of Luck! You have worked so hard and come so far - I hope the people of your state listen and vote Walker out tomorrow!

Wisconsin Recall is an Epic Battle
...Conservatives have elevated Walker, a Republican, to a one-man team of Avengers — Iron Man, the Hulk and Captain America rolled together — as he aggressively takes on craven public workers, growth-choking taxes and out-of-control spending.
To Democrats and unions, their nemesis is all but sprung from Bizarro World, deceptive and in the pocket of greedy oligarchs out to force the working class to its knees.

...former President Clinton, who campaigned for Barrett last week in Milwaukee, argued that Walker's uncompromising style and divisive agenda were a "dead bang loser." His retention, Clinton said, would only embolden those who say, "We're going to stop worrying about the middle class. We don't give a rip whether poor people get to work their way into it. We've got our way now. We've got it all. Divide and conquer works."
This is only the third time in the nation's history that a state has held an election on recalling a governor.

MarketWatch: Wisconsin Recall to Ripple Into November
...if polls are to be believed, it’s Romney and his fellow Republicans who will catch a lift from what’s expected to be a narrow victory for Walker on Tuesday.
. . . analysts say that a win by Walker will embolden fellow Republicans including Romney.
“Republicans might be energized to contest the state more vigorously,” said John McAdams, an associate professor of political science at Marquette University in Milwaukee.
The vote is expected to be close, but Walker has an advantage in polls. The latest, a Marquette Law School poll taken May 23-26, found Walker with 52% to 45% for his challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Bridges, Badgers, Bagpipes and Barrett or What Enthusiasm Gap?

Daily Kos: Story of Scott Walker's Love Child Debunked

David Shuster gives a status update on Walker's Legal Woes:

Current: Regardless of Recall, Walker May Face Indictment
The investigation began in 2010 when Walker served as Milwaukee County executive. Six people have been charged, with accusations ranging from campaigning for Walker on government time to embezzlement. 13 other Walker associates have been given immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony in the case.
This week, Governor Walker acknowledged he has now transferred $160,000 from his campaign accounts to a legal defense fund. Mr. Walker confirmed the money is strictly for his own defense and not for any current or former staff.
Lawyers for Governor Walker recently appeared at the Milwaukee courthouse but refused to say why they were there. The lawyers have also refused to comment on the Governor's status in the investigation.

Esquire: Scott Walker Doesn't Like Him No Rules
Back in April, Scott Walker, the goggle-eyed homunculus hired by Koch Industries to manage its midwest subsidiary formerly known as the state of Wisconsin, was invited by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives to come to Washington and discuss in detail the management style he'd brought to said subsidiary — specifically, whether or not he was pretty much selling off the state wholesale to his political financiers. Walker told the committee that he would never, ever engage in such seamy activities as using his office to reward his friends and punish his enemies because, golly whiz, what a thing to think about a person.
Alas for Walker, that videotape subsequently emerged, in which he is shown telling his millionnaire backer Diane Hendricks that, using a "divide and conquer" strategy, he is working toward making Wisconsin a "completely red" state as regards union rights and collective bargaining....
...thanks to some good reporting by the Oshkosh Northwestern, we discover that Walker knew right from the moment he took office that what he was planning to do likely would initiate the process for his recall, so he simply never stopped running for governor. This rather belies his claim that his assault on public employees was dictated simply by the state's dire fiscal problems, and it's no great leap to use this as evidence that what he told the Congress about why he did what he did was, at the very least, disingenuous in the extreme.


  1. Barrett has been outspent by 8-1. This recall was a grass roots campaign arising out of Walker's anti-union agenda. I have a hard time believing that any public employee would not vote for Barrett in this election. I also understand the concept that a person should be given the opportunity to complete his full turn before facing another election.

    It's going to be close, very close, but I wouldn't read too much into the results. I still think Obama will carry Wisconsin.

    1. Yes, I agree, although I will be very sad for the Wisconsin Dems if Barret loses. However, it sounds as if Scott Walker may be indicted even if he is reelected, so he won't get to celebrate his victory much. He must know that or he wouldn't have a defense fund.

      Obama on Twitter tonight:
      It's Election Day in Wisconsin tomorrow, and I'm standing by Tom Barrett. He'd make an outstanding governor. -bo