Friday, June 8, 2012

Chris Matthews Goes Rant-tastic on "Dunce Cap" Republicans


Well actually, he first said that the Democrats and Obama have been "pissant" on the economy, but when a Republican pundit retorted that people want to wait on the private sector to save them, it got his dander up and he lashed back, talking about the fact that Romney wants to continue the same "dunce cap economics" as George Bush, LOL.

(Note: This is not a complete transcript - I did it from the video below and quotes I saw on Twitter, so I will fix it later if it is incorrect)

Matthews:(Obama)...has got to be aggresive. Stop this nickel and dime...a couple of bucks for the teachers, a couple of bucks for the firefighters. I'm going to reduce the payroll tax. This is pissant! You can't get reelected with tactics. He needs a strategy, which is 'we're different than the Republicans. They're basically Free Marketers who sit around and wait for business to deliver this country from hell, and business has let us down.' He's gotta say it.

. . . Here's the idiot Republican argument. You just got a bigger tax cut than Bush gave them, by the way.
. . . You know where they're investing their money? They're investing it in campaigns against the President. They're running ads against the President by the billions of dollars....Who do you think is giving to the Republicans? It's the business guys....

Pundit: Three years after the recovery began--

Matthews: What recovery? There wasn't any Bush 'recovery.' . . . There's only an Obama recovery.

Pundit: You're saying the way to keep the economy going is by more government spending--

Matthews: Investment. Investment. Investment. Have you been to Europe lately? Have you been to Asia? Have you seen how they have trains that go 300 mph while . . . know what we have? We have Amtrak. . . . and beat-up road systems.
. . . Can I make a point here? I feel like I'm teaching first grade. . . . Business and the Republican Party are the same thing. Just like Labor and the Democrats . . .

Pundit: That's crazy.

Matthews: Business wants Republicans to win this election. . . . They're spending tons of money to have that happen. I don't know how you can deny the obvious?

Pundit: Where were they in 2008?

Matthews: They had a weak candidate they didn't believe in. Business supported Barack Obama? Yeah, right.

. . . the same dunce cap leadership that took us into Iraq is the same dunce cap thinking that took us into the financial crisis. . . Dunce-cap policy of deregulation...and tax cuts for the rich.

And from GottaLaff on Political Carnival:

Matthews: “This is the same dunce cap leadership as W! The same dunce cap leadership and policy as W! Deregulation, tax cuts… doing the same thing that got us there [a bad economy]! Romney thinks W was smart! Jesus!!“

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