Monday, June 25, 2012

Back in the Waiting Place on SCOTUS Watch

250:365 The Waiting Place

Once again we are in Dr. Seuss's "The Waiting Place" from Oh, the Places You'll Go while on "SCOTUS WATCH" this week, waiting to hear the verdict on Obama's Health Care Plan. Will they decide that the mandate is "severable" from the bill, or did they take the draconian measure of throwing out the baby with the bathwater leaving millions uninsured? Without a mandate does any of it work?

Either the verdict will come at 10 a.m. tomorrow, or on Thursday. Or rumor is they might add still another day because they just can't bring themselves to release more information in a day. Haven't they ever heard of Twitter or 24-hour news?

I wish the Justices would be as conscious of time and money as Judge Cleland in the Sandusky case. He made everything run on time, and got it done.

Scotus is also ruling on the Arizona state immigration laws and whether their conservative state government can usurp federal law. As if we need more controversy about Arizona! Wingnuts please stand by. Cue Sheriff Joe Arpaio for CNN once again.

This week may be crazy, and perhaps we can see a metaphorical omen in Hurricane Debby, which was forecast on Friday to move west towards Texas, yet is still churning up the Gulf Coast of Florida and heading northeast instead. Everyone has been caught unaware, mired in torrential rain. The prognosticators were all wrong. The computer models were a hot mess.


A harbinger of the week ahead, perhaps?

People of any persuasion could get bogged down by these verdicts - Democrats, Republicans, Teapublicans, Libertarians, people who just want to be Americans and are sick of bigotry, and people who are actually sick with fatal diseases and don't want to hear anymore broccoli jokes for the little time they have left.

Like Hurricane Debby, I bet the SCOTUS has a few surprises for us yet. No one really knows what is going to happen, except the Justices and they won't give us any warning before the tornadoes hit. But till tomorrow we sit in the dark, waiting for someone to turn on the light.

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