Friday, June 22, 2012

Republicans Breaking Ranks Over Ryan Plan


At last ~ some good news to report, and it comes from the Republican side of the aisle! I saw this mentioned on Talking Points Memo but it's being widely reported that several Republicans are finding fault with the Ryan Budget and openly running against it!

First TPM reporting on David McKinley, (R) West Virginia:
In mailers to constituents, Rep. David McKinley (R-WV) echoes Democrats’ concerns about the House GOP budget, authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

“Congressman McKinley recently voted against the 2012 budget passed by the House because of the plan’s negative impact on northern West Virginia seniors,” the mailers read. “The plan would privatize Medicare for future retirees, raise the retirement age and keep in place the Medicare cuts included in last year’s healthcare bill. The Congressional Budget Office determined the plan would nearly double out-of-pocket healthcare costs for future retirees.”

Washington Post: Repubs (except Romney) Running from the Plan including Denny Rehberg (R) Montana:
Rehberg is campaigning against the House Republican budget, specifically over its threat to Medicare. Rehberg is one of a relatively small group of House Republicans who opposed the Ryan budget. The big question in House races, of course, is what price all of those Members who voted with Ryan will pay, if any.

The very fact that Rehberg is running against his national party in mildly Republican Montana is interesting enough. But it’s also fascinating that in addition to the House budget (and TARP, which is getting a bit old by now), Rehberg’s other big issue where he highlights breaking from his party is trade. Rehberg brags about voting against CAFTA, the Central American trade accord.

This, even as Mitt Romney is very much running as a free trader; one of his most repeated charges against Barack Obama is that Obama hasn’t negotiated new trade deals (a charge which, as it happens, is entirely false).


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