Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Ten Sanctions Against Penn State


Via the LA Times
The Big Ten Conference issued its own penalties Monday to Penn State, banning the school's football team from appearing in the Big Ten championship game for four years and stating the school won't receive any conference bowl revenue during that same span.

That revenue is estimated to total about $13 million, bringing the grand total Penn State has been fined to $73 million.

. . . "The accepted findings support the conclusion that our colleagues at Penn State, individuals that we have known and with whom we have worked for many years, have egregiously failed on many levels -- morally, ethically and potentially criminally," read the statement from the Big Ten Council of Presidents and Chancellors.

I guess it could be worse, as the Bleacher Report states:
Penn State was effectively delivered a death knell by the NCAA, but at the least the Big Ten had the decency not to spit on its grave.

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