Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obama Ad Horses Around with Mitt


This ad is sublimely snarky! The only thing that could make it better is if they had mentioned the $77,000 tax write-off, but they probably want to wait and see if Mitt releases more returns so they can add it up over several years. I hope this isn't the last ad with Refalca the Dancing Horse.

And before people say "leave horses alone!" I love horses as much as anyone. But let's recall the Sununu and Limbaugh attacks just yesterday saying that President Obama isn't really an American even though he's been President for four years. This is tame compared to that.

Plus, the a dancing dressage horse used for "therapy" is a luxury item, people. My father had multiple sclerosis and the freakin' VA certainly didn't offer him a horse to ride as part of his medical coverage! Frankly, I don't know how someone with MS can climb up on a horse in the first place - most people can't even walk on carpet or sidewalks, let alone put their foot in a stirrup. But perhaps Ann has a servant to help her with that, and with Jet Skis too.  [/snark]

But then again, if you really want to talk horses, watch the "White Horse Prophecy" from the Mormon Church about something Joseph Smith said over a century ago about his descendents saving the Constitution as it "hangs by a thread." I don't think we as Democrats should be respectors of Sacred Cows,or Sacred White Horses, so to speak, but one could say that Romney is such a horrible candidate that he will save Democracy as we know it by letting Obama have an easy win, thus saving the Constitution from a future Supreme Court stacked with more Scalias. Thus the dancing horse will play a role, I'm sure of it, as it makes Romney look as ridiculous as possible. Country saved. [/more snark]

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