Saturday, November 10, 2012

Florida Finally Calls it for Obama


Finally, Florida has finished counting (well mostly) and can certify that President Obama won the state on November 6. Woot-Woot!!! Those 332 Electoral Votes were hard-won and I applaud all the hard work done by Obama For America, the League of Women Voters, and many other groups in Florida. You did good!

Even Rick "Voldemort" Scott couldn't stop the Obama with voter suppression. I hope and pray that Obama really meant it when he said "we have to fix that" about the long voting lines in Florida and elsewhere. Seems to me they could tell states not to load up the ballot with written referendums during a Federal election. A 12-page ballot in November should go the way of the dinosaur.

CBS News:
After a four-day count with neck-and-neck tallies, President Obama was declared the winner of Florida's 29 electoral votes Saturday, earning 50 percent to Mitt Romney's 49.1 percent, according to the Secretary of State's office.

The victory puts the president - who had clinched reelection Tuesday night even without Florida - at a final 332 electoral votes to Romney's 206. It also marks his sweep of eight of the nine swing states, with North Carolina his only battleground loss.

Mr. Obama's margin of victory is over the half-percent mark that would trigger a computer recount unless Romney had waived it. A handful of overseas and military ballots, which have a Nov. 16 deadline, are believed to remain outstanding, but under Florida law, recounts are based on Saturday's results.

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