Friday, November 30, 2012

Mitt Romney Has Lunch at White House


Well, Mitt Romney made it to the White House - as a lunch guest.

Washington Post
On Thursday, the defeated Republican presidential candidate was driven up in a black sport-utility vehicle, greeted outside the gate by a heckler who yelled at him through the passenger-side window. Romney opened his own door. He dis­appeared into the West Wing through a side entrance.

. . . There was no pomp and little ­circumstance, at least publicly, with reporters and photographers barred from the hour-long event.
. . . The White House press corps had other ideas, intent on documenting a moment that Carney had touted just a day earlier as a symbol of the nation’s peaceful democratic electoral process.
Reporters staking out Romney could barely see his arrival, kept 100 yards away near the North Lawn. Photographers, standing on ladders to get a view over a row of shoulder-high shrubs, captured only grainy images through their high-powered zoom lenses.

In the afternoon, people took the one official photograph from the Oval Office and ran with it to Photoshop:

source: arresteddemocracy tumblr

source: odinsblog on tumblr

source: moikl on Twitter

source: con_tem-plate on tumblr

source: volumenometry on tumblr

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