Sunday, January 6, 2013

GOP ~ Meet the New Party Same as the Old Party


What did the GOP learn from their election failures in 2012? Are they more sensitive now to the will of the People in taking care of everyone, especially the poor and the unwell? Do they understand that Americans are rejecting extremism, whether religious or militant? Will they now recognize that the era of rich white men is over, and the United States must embrace diversity? Are they ready to turn over a new leaf in 2013 and make the world a better place?

In a word ~ No.

In all the hubbub over the Fiscal Cliff, the 112th Congress failed to do anything about the Violence Against Women Act which has been in place for 18 years.

GOP Kills Violence Against Women Act

Why? Because Democrats wanted to add language protecting lesbians, Native American women, and illegal immigrants. Yeah - even though all those women were ostensibly protected by the law anyway, the GOP threw out the entire law rather than compromise on a few sentences that would have clarified some legal problems for minority women and those from other countries afraid to call 911 in case they might be deported. It can be introduced again, and surely will, but this is a great example of the fact that the GOP has not dropped the "War on Women" and indeed, they seem to be doubling down.

Another example: The very first bill proposed in the 113th Congress came from none other than wingnut extraordinaire Michele Bachmann, R-Minnesota. And what was her "fresh start" idea for a bill?

Repeal Obamacare. Yeah. That. Wow.

Bachmann Wants Congress to Repeal Entirety of Obamacare

And there were plenty of other back-sliding proposals and actions the national Tea Party Republicans and their friends at the state level have made just in the past week. The New GOP is just like the old GOP, only possibly more deluded (if that's even possible).

Even after Chris Christie shamed them, 67 Republicans - many from Tornado or Hurricane states - Voted Against partial Relief for Sandy Victims

John Cornyn, R-Texas, Threatens U.S. with Government Shutdown (Again) if Obama Doesn't Cave on Debt Ceiling Talks

Grover Norquist Pretends that Congress Didn't Raise Taxes on the Wealthy - Andrea Mitchell calls him "Alice in Wonderland"

Indiana Bill introduced to make The Lord's Prayer Mandatory in Schools

Steve King, R-IA Wants to End Birthright Citizenship for Children of Illegal Immigrants born in the U.S. (no more Obamas with immigrant fathers, I guess)

Louie Gohmert,R-Genious of Texas, expresses the fear that fears Gun restrictions would ban tools such as hammers, since those can be used as weapons . . . oh never mind

Ohio Gun Owners Group Starts Armed Teacher Training Program in spite of public outcry against more guns in schools

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