Friday, January 11, 2013

Raging Bush Fires in Australia


Horrible wildfires are raging in Australia right now, endangering thousands and destroying homes and property. We can only imagine what is happening to the creatures who live in the Australian Bush as well. I hope their weather breaks soon and they get some cooling rain.

Time Magazine Slideshow

From Discover News:
The record-breaking temperatures have fueled brushfires across Australia. The L.A. Times has reported that swaths of the country face “some of the most dangerous conditions for fires on record.” As of today, 140 brushfires were reported in the state of New South Wales alone. And a NASA map of active fires detected by satellite sensors showed many more across the entire country.
 On Monday, the average high temperature across all of Australia was 104.6 degrees—a record, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. This continues a persistent trend. For the September through December period, the average Australian maximum temperature was the highest on record.



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