Saturday, October 27, 2012

Desperate Romney Seeks to "Expand the Map" As Time Is Running Out


Romney's Campaign knows there are few paths to victory without Ohio, and now that he seems to be losing there, desperation is setting in. So now we have a new website for fundraising called "Expand the Map," telling Republicans to donate money so Mitt can make a last ditch stand in Minnesota, Michigan and Maine. But M&M's aren't going to save Mitt now.

It is cool that they refer to the "Obama Juggernaut" as some mythical force. It's funny considering that for months on end the media touted Romney's deep pockets as insurmountable for the Democrats to overcome. Now we get the last laugh.

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Romney and some of his advisers have talked up the possibility of making a late run at a new state – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, etc. – but there's been precious little investment of money or the candidate's time to show for it. Outside groups have spent heavily to try and give Romney a shot at Minnesota, Michigan and Maine's 2nd Congressional District, which is worth a single electoral vote in the state's unusual system. If Romney seriously wants to "expand the map," look for him to make a late visit to one of those places in the next week and a half.

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We're defying the odds and holding strong against the billion-dollar Obama juggernaut, but we need your help to win.
Today, we launch -- an opportunity to take our message into new states and tell voters about our plan to create 12 million new jobs.
Can you help us raise a million dollars a day for this program and finish strong?
Contribute now to help Romney-Ryan and the Republican team keep up the fight.
Thank you!

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