Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama Fights Off Bully Romney for the Win


gif from Atlantic Wire

Honestly, if anyone says that Mitt Romney (A) Won this Debate (B) Tied this Debate or (C) Gained Ground with any focus group, they didn't see the same debate that I watched at my house.

It was a no-contest this time: Obama Won, and He Won Big.

Romney tried to bully moderator Candy Crowley as well as President Obama, but their attitude was "bring it on." They were ready for him.

Often Mitt stood there babbling as fast as he could in an attempt to out-talk Obama again, but the President just calmly sat watching him with a smile on his face, and when his turn came he let Mitt have it, pointing out lies and inconsistancies. A few times things got heated as the candidates invaded each other's personal space.

It seemed to me that the nuttier Romney acted, the more serene Obama appeared to be.

As Rev. Al Sharpton said on MSNBC: "A Bully Got Whipped Tonight."

For proof, here's a gif from Atlantic Wire of Mitt Romney just after the debate. He looks as if he is about to hurl.


Transcript of Townhall Debate Via ABC News

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