Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ad Targets Ryan's Wisconsin Constituents


This one touches on every important issue and "brings it home" into Ryan's backyard.

Transcript Via HungryCoyote
Steve: I'm a physician in Door County, Wisconsin.
Patti: I'm a speech and language pathologigist in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Susan: And I've been working in Appleton for 36 years.

Tom: Work in a papermill in Kaukauna for 43 years.

Patti: Winsconsin knows Paul Ryan as someone to really be careful with.

Susan: Paul Ryan, isn't for the middle class.

Tom: Right now the Mitt Romney and Ryan approach is stiffle the middle class. Nothing trickles down; it just doesn't work.

Steve: If I had to guess what Paul Ryan is known for? Destroying Medicare. Making a budget at the expense of some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Patti: Taking away the rights of women to make the proper choices for themselves. I really take that to heart.

Susan: He's not looking out for keeping our economy going.

Tom: If you want to keep giving the tax breaks to the rich, and thinking they're going to hand that money to keep the communities going. It's not going to happen.

Steve: We have to think about our kids; our grand kids. We have to think about the legacy that we're going to leave behind in health care.

Patti: We are strong and we are united, and we have to have a voice.

Tom: People know what's right and wrong. You don't have to tell them who to vote for. You just tell them what the issues are.

Patti: I have become an organizer for President Obama's reelection campaign.

Susan: If Romney wins with Paul Ryan, I don't think we're going to be getting ahead as a middle class.

Patti: The majority is not represented in his policies.

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