Monday, August 6, 2012

Women Want to be Just Like Ann Romney


Liz Trotta, ancient pundit, says modern women are jealous of Ann Romney.

From Fox News Via Media Matters

When Ann Romney showed up at the Olympics equestrian competition in London's Greenwich Park last week, the media scrum around her would lead some to believe that Michael Phelps had dropped in.

Mrs. Romney was there to watch her horse, Rafalca, compete in dressage, once the sport of ancient kings. The uninitiated call it 'horse ballet.' Rafalca, a German-bred mare, didn't miss a pirouette as her patron cheered and pronounced the performance constant and elegant.

Some would say not unlike her mistress, Ann Romney, is not to be taken lightly. Perhaps that's why President Obama's political operatives, most of them women of the left, have the knives out for her, casting the potential first lady of the United States as a modern day Marie Antoinette, out of touch with common folk.

. . . Recently the lefty WAGs [wives and girlfriends] went on about Romney’s $1,000 blouse, a scandal. But the $7,000 jacket Michelle Obama wore to Buckingham Palace drew only approving nods from her fans in the left-wing media.

“Don’t try to make any sense of this hypocrisy. For with their inborn sense of class warfare — as well as their funny clothes — the ladies of the press really believe they are acting on principle, except that the principle is driven by envy, envy of a woman who managed to do exactly what their mothers told them, although they would never admit it: marry a good, preferably rich man; raise your children full time and dress like a lady.”

Come on, girls. Play fair.

OMG - yes, in here in 1952 America, Ann is everything we women aspire to be, right?

*looks at calendar*

Whoops - this is 2012. Ohhhh, you mean "retroactively" jealous!

I agree with you that Ann is exactly like a show-pony, though.


But here's the thing - I wasn't born till 1960, and even in 1970 my Mama never told me to go marry a rich man, have babies, and talk about "those people." My mother - a classy woman herself, though not married to a wealthy man - didn't raise me to be a snob, and I didn't go to college to get my MRS degree, LOL.

It's incredible that anyone would believe that female journalists or any female would be jealous of a woman who is married "for eternity" to the robotic and rather clueless Mitt Romney. I can't imagine a worse fate, except that all that money is supposed to be the icing on the cake. Something tells me that isn't quite enough.

Of course, this is coming from Fox Snooze, so consider the source. Out of touch television for the out of date and low-info voter.

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