Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney Cancels Orlando Campaign Stop


Via therehastobeaway on Daily Kos

Story from The Orlando Sentinal
Although Mitt Romney was supposed to visit Orlando on Monday, the campaign announced late Sunday that the presumed Republican presidential nominee was too exhausted to make the trip.

The news came after Romney spent what one campaign official said was an exhausting 48 hours of championing his new vice presidential pick.

But wait . . . Etch-That-Sketch!!! His surrogates want us to know he is "not exhausted," even though the newspaper used that word several times, presumably because a source also used that word. LOL


From ABC News
A top adviser to Mitt Romney is pushing back on an Orlando Sentinel report that the presumptive Republican nominee canceled an event there today because of "exhaustion."
Romney had been set to hold an economic roundtable there as part of his day-long bus tour through the state. But the Romney campaign canceled that event last night, choosing instead to stick with rallies here and in Miami later today.

The paper cited an unnamed campaign official saying Romney was exhausted after 48 hours of intense campaigning with his new running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan. But Romney adviser Kevin Madden called that report "not accurate."
"The governor has a packed day, schedule wise," Madden told Yahoo News.

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