Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mitt Romney Goes Shopping


In New Hampshire near Romney's lake home, the press pool was allowed to tag along today while Romney went shopping for two ears of corn and various other odd items at the local grocery store, then he went into a hardware store and bought a bucket full of what Romney called "Hardware Stuff." If this was an attempt to show himself as a regular American and part of the 99%, then it was an epic fail. He could not have been more awkward - read on . . .

From ABC News
After spending about 10 minutes inside the local Bradley’s Hardware Store, Romney emerged, bucket in hand, where reporters peppered him with questions about what he had purchased inside.

“Hardware stuff,” Romney responded, laughing, before climbing into his SUV. A closer look at the bucket revealed that it was some sort of insect deterrent.

The next stop was the local grocery store, where Romney sifted through a large container of corn before choosing two (the deal, after all, was two for a dollar) and heading inside.

Directing a shopping cart to the back of his waiting SUV, Romney unloaded cases of Diet Coke and Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, Poland Spring water bottles and two plastic bags filled with groceries.

Asked what he bought, Romney responded, “Groceries,” and laughed.


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