Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Liberals Shouldn't Give Up


Couple of great videos:

First this one on the rise of conservatism, and the fact that liberals should get busy at a grassroots level instead of just blaming Obama. Great history lesson - Obama actually has something in common with Reagan, who was blamed by the Right for making too many compromises. Sounds familiar, eh?

Here's a clip with Richard Wolfe on MSNBC discussing the losing proposition of rape as an election issue for Republicans with author Michelle Goldberg (who made the video above) and pundit Joy Reid.

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My paraphrase of what they said: The main point is that the Tea Party thinks it is a majority in this country, so they honestly believe the people want all these anti-government draconian measures. They live in an echo chamber of their own media, such as Fox and Breitbart, telling them day and night that the Democrats are always wrong and the "foreign socialist Obama" wants to destroy America. And they believe in traditional values such as Biblical gender roles, with men taking the role as leader and making all the decisions, which is why so much of agenda circles around controlling women.

In 2010, they had a great victory because so many Tea Party conservatives were elected, and now they feel power-happy. Some of these newly elected officials really believe that they are patriots and should oppose Obama and the Democrats even if it means shutting down the government, which they did last summer. Eventually, those same Republicans are going to start losing elections, but right now the Party is in transition, so they will say almost anything to get elected, even if it contradicts their deeply held beliefs. Hence, the Party wants to get rid of Todd Akin even though he is one of them just because he said too much and gave away their real agenda. Also, that's why Paul Ryan now suddenly agrees with Romney about abortion, even though just last year he was writing anti-abortion legislation with no exceptions, just like Todd Akin.

Makes sense to me.

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