Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shocking Poll for Republicans


Look at the latest ststs targeting the presidential election. Romney isn't doing that well, especially with African American voters - ZERO percent!

I am always surprised that any women would vote Republican, and after the Todd Akin fiasco, I think Romney's percentage of women will fall below 41%.

The NBC/WSJ Poll of Registered Voters
Complete PDF Here

Registered Voters:
Obama/Biden 48%
Romney/Ryan 44%

In Swing States:
Obama/Biden 49%
Romney/Ryan 46%

African Americans:
Obama/Biden 94%
Romney/Ryan 0%

Obama/Biden 60%
Romney/Ryan 30%

Obama/Biden 51%
Romney/Ryan 41%

On Medicare:
Obama - No Change to system  50%
Romney - Vouchers/RyanPlan   34%

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