Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Place Diversion: Obama Shenanigans in Florida


source: gifsfln

The Obama shenanigans have nothing to do with voter suppression, thank goodness! He was just seen having some fun with ordinary citizens this weekend.

This guy in Florida apparently got permission from the Secret Service before he gave President Obama a bear hug inside a family pizza restaurant on Sunday.

The hug has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter.

Can you imagine Mitt Romney getting a hug from anyone? Not so much.

A Bear Hug for Obama by reuters

This follows another incident in which Obama asked a small Hawaiian boy "Do You Have a Birth Certificate?


source: gifsfln

Story via Marketwatch
. . . he stopped at Gator Dockside, a sports bar in Orlando.
At one table, he met Andre Wupperman, who turns 7 next week, and was informed that he was born in Hawaii.
“You were born in Hawaii?” the president asked. “You have a birth certificate?” The table burst out laughing.

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