Monday, September 10, 2012

Republicans Freak Out in "A Tale of Two Emails"


Today, the Obama campaign sent out this email:

PhotobucketHuge news:
We finally closed the gap. We outraised Mitt Romney and the Republicans $114 million to $111 million in August. Unbelievable. After three straight months of getting beat -- and not by a small margin -- more than 1,170,000 supporters made a donation to close the gap.

I admit, I sent in a small donation yesterday while buying a few of cool birth certificate buttons ($5). :)  I love the way Obama is smiling - the birther joke is not on him!
And now he has even more to smile about, too.

Stay with me to the end of this post to discover why this is a "Tale of Two Emails."

First there are the polls which keep bouncing:

Here's a statistic that seems like it might be good news:

Except that according to the WSJ/NBC poll Romney has ZERO percentage of the black vote, and I assume that goes for North Carolina as well. I think NC is probably neck and neck right now, but then it is a traditionally red state and Obama doesn't need it to win. He really needs Ohio, and he seems to have that state in the bag as of now.

Due to falling polls, the Obama bounce, and fundraising that isn't helping Romney at all, the Republicans are forming a circular firing squad. Or maybe we should say they are forming a circle with Romney in the middle as the target. They have to blame someone for the failure of the Republican Convention, the double-disaster of Paul Ryan and Todd Akin, and the basic fact that people are rejecting the far-right scary Teapublican Platform.

Here's Joe Scarborough from MSNBC talking about Obama's speech at the DNC, via Huffington Post.

"We were 10 minutes into the president's speech last night... and I just sat there thinking, 'game, set, match, the Democrats have trounced the Republicans in these conventions,'"

Then via Examiner he called Mitt Romney a "flawed candidate."

Well, duh! I think we knew that back during the primaries. Cry me a river.

Here's Mark Helprin in a Time Magazine piece called "The Troubles" painting a dark and dire future for Mitt as the campaign crashes and burns. I love it when the Republicans finally use apocalypic four-horsman language to describe what their chosen candidate is doing to their own party, instead of directing it at Obama and Main Street.
Romney still has the debates, millions and millions of dollars in TV ads and weeks of campaigning to try to turn things around. But he faces the immediate threat of both quiet and loud we-told-you-so’s from Republicans who last year had the very worries they fear are being manifested now. Romney is an awkward, unlikable candidate....

 . . . he is in danger of living out the Haley Barbour dictum: in politics, bad gets worse. Super PACs might start shifting their money from the presidential race to save the House majority and look to pick up Senate seats. Romney’s own fundraising will take a hit. Stories about Romney pulling up stakes in Michigan and other ostensible battlegrounds will add to the death stench. And there will be an avalanche of suggestions and second-guessing from pundits and Republican operatives and politicians about Romney’s tactics, strategy and staff.

Excuse me while I have a good laugh, LOLOLOL. *snort*

And Halperin is correct ~ people inside the Romney camp are getting worked up - as in "freaking out" - about the poll numbers. Maybe it's that "death stench" floating in the air:

According to Business Insider:
In a new campaign memo circulated this morning, Romney's pollster Neil Newhouse warns people not to get "too worked up about the latest polling."

"While some voters will feel a bit of a sugar-high from the conventions, the basic structure of the race has not changed significantly," Newhouse writes. "The reality of the Obama economy will reassert itself as the ultimate downfall of the Obama Presidency, and Mitt Romney will win this race."

The author of that article, Grace Wyler, makes a good point:

"The bottom line is that people don't send "don't freak out" memos unless people are in fact freaking out."

Yes, compare that email memo to the happy tone of Obama's fundraising email, and you can see which camp is on top right now.

Laughing again. I wonder if this is the week when the first "insider"from the Romney campaign jumps ship to save his or her own career?

It might be a good week to keep a bowl of popcorn ready.

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