Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paul Ryan's Speech Boo'd by AARP Crowd


The seniors at the AARP conference in New Orleans certainly had Paul Ryan's number and let him know his "message" wasn't welcome. They weren't born yesterday, after all, and while Ryan may think he can appease the elderly with promises not to cut their benefits "for this generation," everyone in the AARP has children, grandchildren, or other dependents who may be right on the edge of disaster without Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, or Obamacare. These are necessary programs to keep our society from falling into chaos.

So they pretty much told Ryan to take a flying flop to Fluckistan:

From Raw Story
“The first step to a stronger Medicare is to repeal Obamacare,” Ryan said, pausing as the audience in New Orleans booed and shouted, “No!”

“I had a feeling there would be mixed reaction,” the candidate said, but the booing continued. “It weakens Medicare for today’s seniors and puts it at risk for the next generation.”

That, too, was met with audible groans and jeers.

“It funnels $716 billion out of Medicare to pay for a new entitlement that we didn’t even ask for,” Ryan insisted.

“No!” people shouted.

Although Ryan seemed to be unfazed by the heckling, his explanations and assurances never convinced the AARP audience, who continued booing him throughout the remainder of his speech.

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