Monday, September 3, 2012

Republican Insiders Bemoan Lyin' Ryan

Ryan Marathon Man

Put this in the "we tried to tell you" file: Republican insiders knew Ryan was a liar and just a troublemaker when he was being vetted, but Mitt wouldn't listen. And not only does Ryan lie about automotive plants closing in Janesville, and about rewriting the definition of rape, he lies about simple things in his past such as how fast he ran in a marathon back in 1990.

In fact, the marathon story has legs . . . pardon the pun . . . because to lie to a perfect stranger on the radio when nothing is at stake is a sign of a sociopath. They were talking about sports in that interview. There was no reason to make up a braggadocio statistic about running a marathon in under three hours, which Ryan had to know was faster than he can actually run. Paul Ryan Watch Blog called it "Performance-Enhancing Rhetoric," LOL.

But Ryan's claim that he ran a sub three-hour marathon when he finished the one marathon he ran at just over four hours, records show was flat-out and unnecessary political plastic surgery to make himself look more accomplished than he really is.
Call it a dose of self-administered performance-enhancing rhetoric.
At how many campaign bean feeds and on how many first dates or in bull sessions at the gym or the deer stand has Ryan been impressing people with that story?

Exactly, and since he's been around Washington for quite a few years, people in the Republican Party surely witnessed this type of dishonest story-telling before.

And indeed they have and are speaking out - anonymously.

From Capital Hill Blue
Campaign insiders say Romney was so determined to capture support of the tea party that reveres Ryan that he was “more than willing” to overlook the Congressman’s casual relationship with the truth.

“Paul Ryan is a loose cannon. He’s Mitt Romney’s Sarah Palin and his involvement with the campaign will sink the Republican Party in this election,” said another GOP pro, who also asked to remain anonymous.

“When I heard Ryan was on the short list, my first reaction was ‘oh, Christ, here we go again,’ ” the longtime GOP operative said Sunday. ”The man tells so many whoppers so often that I’m not sure he even knows when he’s lying.”

People back home in Wisconsin are still wondering why he would keep lying about things that are easily verified. Ryan's Dumb Lie Will Taint Him Forever
Assume that Mitt Romney loses this November. Who will be first in line in 2016? You guessed it. Ryan will be a frequent guest on “Meet the Press” and other talk shows. It is so obvious that he will be the nominee in four years if Romney can’t deliver that he might be nominated by acclamation. No primaries needed!

Here is the mystery. Why would Ryan tell a doozy of a lie on national television that will taint him forever?

. . . Fast forward to 2016. First question: “Congressman, you lied to the American people when you blamed Obama for the GM plant closing in Janesville. You lied about your concern for your high school buddies who lost out. Why did you lie to us?”

All Ryan had to say was, “We tried to save the plant but could not.” The real reason he lied? To tell the truth about the plant closing would have jeopardized his love affair with the tea party.

Joe McCarthy lied, and lied, and lied. “I have a list of communists in the State Department,” he said, and that claim helped him to national fame. “Tail Gunner Joe” was the sentry offering to save America from communist plots. But it was a whopper of a lie. And when prominent broadcaster Edward R. Murrow, the Cap Times, and others — in particular attorney Joseph Welch — asked, “Have you no shame, sir?” it was all over for Joe.

Ryan’s lie will get loud applause at GOP functions, where no one will ask Ryan: “What in the hell were you talking about?”

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